This guide was written to educate interested parties on Cable Television descrambling, descramblers and some of the various methods used to defeat scrambling methods on premium cable or pay cable television stations. The author of this guide is simply exercising every Americans First Amendment right, Freedom of Speech. The intent of this writing is not to defraud or promote the theft of cable services. This guide should not be interpreted as legal advice, if you have legal questions contact a lawyer or your local authorities. Be warned that stealing cable services is illegal, and there are severe penalties for anyone caught doing so.

A cube is a device that when attached to an active addressable converter, sends a signal to the box that simulates the cable company's computer turning the box on for all channels. The device is named a “cube” because the first ones designed actually looked like square cubes about 3 to four inches high, enclosed in metal or plastic. Attached to the cube is usually an AC adapter cord that plugs into the wall to provide the unit with power. In addition, there is a coaxial cable coming from the cube. Modern cubes have become much smaller in size, about the size of a tape cassette. Here is exactly how the process is done: after purchasing a cube, the input line from the cable company's addressable box is disconnected. The coaxial cable from the cube is then connected to the input of the cable box. The cube is then plugged in and left on for a couple of minutes. Next, the cube is unplugged and disconnected from the cable box. The input cable from the wall is then reconnected to the cable box. When the box is turned back on, it is authorized for all channels. The only drawback to the cube is that every so often the cable company does a global sweep (meaning that they send out a signal) to turn off every box that is not supposed to be on. Since the cube does not effect the addressable portion of the box, it is restored to its pre-cubed status. Cable companies do these sweeps at varying rates, some every couple of weeks, some do them several times a day.

Cubes are available for the following brands of addressable converters (keep in mind that you must have an addressable box in order to use a cube): Pioneer models BA 5000 - BA 6750, all Jerrold models, and all Scientific Atlanta models from 8550 and up. If your cable company uses one of these brands and models, you have the option of using a cube.

Through the use of traps, you can prolong the length of time that the cube keeps your box activated, in most cable systems. You first have to find out what frequency your cable company transmits it's data signal on. Common frequencies are 97.5, 106.5, and 108.5. This can be done with an FM radio.
Take the cable line and touch it to the antenna of the radio. Search around using the tuning dial until you here a digital data type signal. Confirm you have found the signal by removing the cable and touching it again. When you find out what frequency it is you can buy a FM trap that will eliminate that frequency from the signal. The box might still be shut down occasionally, but not as often as without the trap. Most suppliers of cubes will include a filter with the cube.

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