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Snap Rover SCROV-10


Snap Circuits 100 Experiments - SC100

SC100 - Snap Circuits 100 Experiments

Snap Circuit 300 Electronics Lab by Elenco

SC300 - Snap Circuits 300 Experiments

Snap Circuits 500 Experiments Lab - SC500

SC500- Snap Circuits 500 Experiments
Snap Circutis 750 Experiments Electronics Lab - SC750

SC750 - Snap Circuits 750 Experiments

Snap Circuits


This series of Snap Circuit educational labs from Elenco is perfect for learning about electronics. There are now 10 different Snap Kit models available, SC100 has 100 experiments, SC300 has 300 experiments, SC500 has 500 experiments, and SC750 has a whopping 750 different electronic experiments.  All parts snap together, so there is no soldering involved.   All the pieces have graphics that represent real electronic symbols and terminology.  The many Snap Kit experiments include radios, doorbells, alarms, flash lights and much more. Ages 8 and up.  Includes complete instruction manual and experiment guide. Check out our sale pricing!

  • Previous electronic experience is not required.
  • Uses 4 AA batteries (not included).
  • Ages 8 and up.

Snap Circuits with Educational Training Manual ("R" versions) is recommended for both the Course Instructor and Students.  These versions include detailed course instructions, additional experiments, and a parts organizer box.  Training programs include some of the following topics:  Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors, Motors, Switches, Series Circuits, Parallel Circuits and much more. 

SC500R - Snap Circuit 500 Experiments with Educational Training Manual and Parts Organizer Box

Snap Circuits with Computer Interface ("S" versions) includes Software CD, PC Interface Cable, and 20 Computer Based Experiments.  The compete Computer Interface manual is available here.

See SC100.pdf, SC300.pdf, SC500.pdf, SC750.pdf for complete details. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader available at www.adobe.com for FREE!

Snap Circuits Award

Snap Circuits Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the larger versions (such as the SC-750 or the upgrades to it) too advanced for an 8-year-old? All Snap Circuits products are for ages 8 and up. The larger versions have more parts and projects so kids have more to do, but are just as easy to use. The computer interface in the SC-750 has an easy-to-follow manual that is suitable for an 8-year-old, but an 8-year-old may not fully understand the importance of what he/she is doing.

The manuals are educational, but do you have anything that really teaches electronics? These labs teach basic electricity and electronics in the everyday world using our Learn By Doing concept.

Where can I learn more about the parts in Snap Circuits? See the preceding questions and the “About Your Snap Circuits Parts” section on page 3 or 4 of you project manuals. If you have more than one manual then some parts are described in each manual.

Where can I learn more about what is inside the Snap Circuits modules? Click here for a pdf document that explains the Snap Circuit IC Modules.

Are the manuals available on-line? Yes, s
ee SC100.pdf, SC300.pdf, SC500.pdf, SC750.pdf for details. Note that the SC-300/500/750 products require some of the other manuals. For example if you need the SC-500 manuals then you need to download the SC-500, SC-300 and SC-100 manuals.

Questions about the Computer interface:
1. What does the computer interface do? It lets you “look” at the electrical signals by turning your PC into an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. It does not use your computer to control your circuits, only to monitor them.
2. Do you have a Mac version? No.
3. Is the manual available on-line? Yes, The compete Computer Interface manual is available here.
4. Can the software and cable be used with other products? Yes.

What power sources can be used with Snap Circuits? Only use the battery holders included in your set. Never use ANY other source of power. Never combine batteries holders from different sets.

SCROV-10 - Snap Circuits Remote Control Rover Robot Kit reg. $89.95 - Sale! - $59.95
SCROV-50 - Snap Circuits DELUXE Remote Control Rover Robot Kit - reg. $119.95 - Sale! - 79.95
SC100 - Snap Circuit 100 Experiments reg. $29.95 - Sale! - $24.95
SC100R - SC100 w/Educational Training Manual reg. 39.95 - Sale! - $34.95
SC300 - Snap Circuit 300 Experiments reg. $49.95 - Sale $44.95
SC300R - SC300 w/Educational Training Manual reg. $89.95 - Sale! $69.95
SC300S - SC300 w/Computer Interface reg. $69.95 - Sale! - $59.95
SC500 - Snap Circuit 500 Experiments reg. $79.95 - Sale! $69.95
SC500R - SC500 w/Educational Training Manual reg. $124.95 - Sale! $99.95
SC500S - SC500 w/Computer Interface reg. $99.95 - Sale! $77.95
SC750 - Snap Circuit 750 Experiments reg. $99.95 - Sale! - $84.95
SC750R - SC750 w/Educational Training Manual

reg. $189.95 - Sale! $149.95


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