(Programmable Robot Kit - Soldering Not Required - USB Version)



Parallax Boe Bot Robot Kit - USB version from electronic kits

Parallax Boe Bot Robot Kit USB Version 28832

Parallax Boe Bot Robot Kit - USB Boe Bot Robotic Platform

The Parallax Boe Bot Robot Kit! USB Version. Our most popular programmable robot kit for high school and gifted programs.  This is one of the highest quality robotic kits we have ever sold.  Top-notch user documentation, teacher guides and available accessories make for a robust robotics platform.  Parallax provided support and user forums provide students and teachers with the ultimate in resources as they venture into the world of robotics.

Learn Electronics, Programming, and Robotics all at once!

Build your own rolling robot with a BASIC Stamp 2 microcontroller brain. Just follow the clear, step-by-step instructions and illustrations with the included book, Robotics with the Boe-Bot. No programming or electronics experience is needed!

audience: Anyone interested in getting started with robots, electronics, and microcontroller programming; no experience needed. This kit is widely used in middle and high schools, vocational schools and colleges, as well as by hobbyists and independent learners.

Additionally, the Boe-Bot robot has been approved for use with the Boy Scouts of America Robotics Merit Badge!

Here’s what you will do:

- Write programs in PBASIC on your computer
- Build simple circuits from schematics and wiring diagrams
- Download PBASIC programs into the BASIC Stamp to control the circuits
- Assemble your Boe-Bot hardware—screwdriver is included
- Learn to drive the Boe-Bot with simple motion programs
- Add sensor circuits and program the Boe-Bot to navigate on its own

Here’s what your Boe-Bot will do:

- Navigate by the program commands you give it
- Report sensor status to you with light and sound
- Escape corners by touch using whisker contact sensors
- Steer by sensing light to find the brightest or darkest place
- Detect and avoid obstacles with infrared sensors
- Detect distance to follow your hand or another robot

The programming is easy!

PBASIC is a great way for beginners to learn concepts found in most programming languages. Each example Boe-Bot program is followed with a detailed explanation so you learn as you go.

The Boe-Bot hardware is sturdy and adaptable!

The Boe-Bot robot’s aluminum chassis provides a durable base for the electronics, wheels, and motors. The slots in the chassis are ready for mounting additional hardware accessories. The Board of Education breadboard and servo motor ports let you plug in common electronic components with no soldering needed. Just about every piece can be purchased individually as needed, making your Boe-Bot fleet easy to maintain. Click here for the complete components listing.

After mastering the basics, Boe-Bot add-ons let you branch out into new activities, such as making your Boe-Bot talk with a speech board, adding infrared remote control, maze contests, line following, interfacing direction sensors, and using RF modules and video/camera equipment to build a Video-Bot. Boe-Bot accessories are all sold separately, and are available through the Robot Accessories page below.

See what you can do!

Please follow this link to a Parallax Boe Bot Video Gallery.

Please click here to see The Parallax Boe Bot Student Guide.

Educators may obtain the Teacher's Guides by sending an e-mail to


  • Power: 4 AA batteries (not included).
  • Requires PC Running Windows
  • Requires USB Port
  • Assembly of Robot aprox 2 hours
  • Requires basic hand tools
Note: This is a programmable robot kit. You will receive parts to build the item pictured and software to program the Robot.   PX28832 - Parallax Boe Bot Robot Kit (USB Version)  - Sale! $143.95  



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