2 Channel RF Transmitter – HD2TX


Small two button transmitter for use with HD2TX receiver board only.  Must be programmed to work with HD2RX.  Requires that you already have an HD2RX.  Will not work with other rf receiver boards.

Product Description

Small two button transmitter for use with HD2RX receiver board only. Must be programmed to work with HD2RX.

  • Transmitter Dimensions 2-1/4″ L x 1-1/2″ W x 1/2″ D
  • Battery Included
  • Up to 15 HD2TX transmitters can be programmed to ONE HD2RX receiver board.

Programming instructions:  Apply power to the correct terminals (+ and -), press the “learn” button on the receiver board and hold for only 1 second then let go. Within 8 seconds press the “1” button on the transmitter 2 times. Wait 20 seconds, you are now good to go and the RX and TX are paired together. Repeat the process for any additional or replacement transmitters. IMPORTANT! The board will appear to be “dead” until the learning process is accomplished. The data light will flash only when a “learned” transmitter button is pushed. To “unlearn” all transmitters hold the “learn button down for 8 seconds. The RED LED lights on the board will only activate when a learned transmitter button is pushed. Please call us at 510-629-0066 if you need assistance.

1 review for 2 Channel RF Transmitter – HD2TX

  1. Andrew Rothmaler

    I use these along with the receiver/2-channel relay HD2RX as wireless “keys” to my warehouse door’s electric latch. I’ve had mine dangling from a belt-loop for about 8 years. Much faster than pushing buttons or putting a key in at the door. I say “Them”, because I work in a warehouse, and they tend to suffer from industrial wear, so I’ve replaced individual buttons once or twice in this time. I have a few people using them. The plastic lenses may break, and I’ve worn out a switch mechanism from constant use (didn’t push back up), but they work very well, considering the environment. Storing it in a pocket causes random unplanned triggering (the unconscious pocket-unlock-it?) I’d pay triple if it had a metal case and either inset buttons or protective ridges, to avoid the pocket-presses.

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