60MHz Oscilloscope with Delayed Sweep


60MHz Oscilloscope with Delayed Sweep – Elenco s-S1360

This 60 MHz Delayed Sweep Oscilloscope is feature packed.  Perfect for demanding electronics applications such as chools, universities, labs, and electronics repair operations.  Elenco S-1360

Product Description

60MHz Oscilloscope with Delayed Sweep – Elenco S-1360

This 60 MHz Oscilloscope with Delayed Sweep is feature packed.  Perfect for demanding electronics applications such as schools, universities, labs, and electronics repair operations.  Elenco S-1360


  • Delayed Sweep & Dual Trace
  • 1mV/DIV Sensitivity.
  • Sweep to 10ns/DIV.
  • Component Tester
  • Z Axis Input.
  • Single Sweep.
  • Beam Finder.
  • Front face dust cover included.

Detailed specifications:

Vertical Amplifiers(CH1 and CH2) Trigger   
5mV/div – 5V/div(x1 mode)
1mV/div – 1V/div(x5 mode)
Trigger Coupling: AUTO, NORM, TV-V, TV-H   
Trigger Source: CH 1, CH 2, ALT (V MODE), LINE, EXT 
1-2-5 sequences, 10-step attenuator, plus vernier control
Slope: ±
Trigger Sensitivity
 Rise Time: About 5.8ns Coupling  Bandwidth  Internal  External
Over Shoot: Less than 5% TV-V DC – 1kHz 1.0 div 0.1Vpp
Input Impedance: 1MΩ ±2%, 25pf ±10pF TV-H 1kHz – 100kHz 1.0 div 0.1Vpp
Max. Input Voltage: 400V (DC + AC peak) AUTO 100Hz – 60MHz 1.5 div 0.1Vpp
Operating Modes:
CH 1, CH 2, Dual(ALT or CHOP), and ADD
NORM 100Hz – 60MHz 1.5 div 0.1Vpp
Component Tester
Chop Frequency: Approximately 500kHz Test Voltage: Max. 6Vrms (open circuit)
Algebraic addition: CH 1 + CH 2, CH 1 – CH 2 Test Current: Max. 11mA (shorted)
Inverter: CH 2 only Test Frequency: Line Frequency
Horizontal Amplifier Components: Capcitors, inductors, diode, transistor, zener, etc.
X-Y mode: Switch selectable using X-Y switch
CH 1: X-axis
CH 2: Y-axis
CH 2 Output
Output Level: 100mV/div (no lead) 50mV/div (50Ω lead)
Accuracy:  Y-axis ±3%, X-axis ±6% Bandwidth: 20Hz – 20MHz (-3dB)
Bandwidth: DC – 1MHz(-3dB) Other Specifications
X-Y phase difference:  Approximately 3º at 50kHz. CRT: TYPE: Rectanglular with internal graticule.
Sweep System       Display Area:  8 x 10 div (1 div = 1 cm)
Sweep Display Mode:  Main, Mix, Delay       Accelerating Voltage: 12kV
Hold Off Time:  5:1 continuously variable(0.1µs/div)       Phosphor: P31
Main Sweep Z Modulation: Positive TTL signal, low level blank intensity at any intensity, high level unblank any intensity.
Sweep Speed: Trace Rotation: Adjustable front panel
0.1µs/div – 0.2s/div in 1-2-5 sequence 23 steps Calibrator: Square wave 1kHz, 2.0Vpp ±3%
Accuracy: ±3% Power Requirements:115, 223VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz
Variable Time Control:5:1, uncalibrated, continuously variable between steps. Power Consumption: Approximately 55 watts
Sweep Magnification:
10X, ±10%, extend sweep speed up to 10ns/div
Supplied Accessories:Two x1, x10 probes, scematic diagram & parts list, AC Power cord, spare fuse and dust cover
Delayed Sweep  
Sweep Speed:0.1µs/div – 2s/div in 1-2-5 sequence 23 steps  
Accuracy: ±3%
Delay Time Position:Variable control to locate desirable waveform for extending


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