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Blinky Lights – JRG01-EDU5 (5 kits) – DISCONTINUED


Blinky Lights – JRG01-EDU5

Blinky Lights introduces students to electricity concepts in a series of fun, step-by-step experiments with reusable, real-world parts. Concepts include: current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, parallel and series circuits, LEDs, transistor switches, oscillators, bi-stable circuits, and more.

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Blinky Lights – JRG01-EDU5 – Pack of 5 kits

The True Genius of the Junior Genius Kits…

Real World Parts: Students get experience using the same industry standard parts they will use in future projects or careers, giving valuable assembly and troubleshooting skills

Basic Electronics Course: The Blinky Lights Kit is a basic electronics course in a box. Dive into building each circuit with the easy-to-follow diagrams, then explore deeper, to learn how each circuit works and how to read schematic diagrams.

Reusable: The breadboard allows parts to be removed and changed, and to be used again in new circuits. It’s perfect for experimentation as no soldering is required and allows the kit to be used for years, cutting down on classroom costs.

Easily Replaceable Parts: Get replacement and expansion parts from BusBoard or at the electronics parts retailer of your choice. You aren’t locked in with proprietary, expensive parts and can expand or try new parts as you wish

Online Circuit Simulator: Allows you to go beyond the guide and experiment with the circuits. See the flow of current change as you flip switches and make changes with many types of parts, even parts you don’t physically have on hand

Teacher Resources: Reduce lesson prep time with pre-made resources that include all the images found in the guide, printable diagrams and schematic sheets, ready-made PowerPoint, activity sheets, and more (Included in orders of 20+ kits, also available for an additional charge for orders of less than 20 kits)

Each Kit Features: 

  • Detailed 60-page color Instruction Manual full of experiments & activities. 
  • Manual includes Troubleshooting Tips, explanations about How Things Work, and lots of interesting facts.
  • 3 Lessons, 10 Activities, PLUS over 45 “things to try.”
  • Online access to resources and content included with 20+ kits.
  • 24 electronic parts plus a power box, wires, batteries & breadboard.
  • Ages 10+


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