Solar Education Kit


Power House Green Essentials Edition by Thames & Kosmos – TK626114

Power House Green Essentials Edition.  In this kit, you can learn about alternative energy and sustainable living by conducting experiments and building energy-related models. Thirty of the best experiments and the ten most important building projects from the original Power House kit are presented in this new Power House Green Essentials Edition.

Product Description

Solar Education Kit – SK40

Now you can experiment with solar energy…the energy source of the future. Our solar educational kit is designed to let you build you own solar models.

The solar cell modules, when placed in direct sunlight or close to incandescent light bulbs, generate power similar to batteries. Discover by yourself how to harness the energy of sunlight and apply it in countless practical applications.

Solar energy uses are limited only by your imagination.

Learn how to:

  • Make an electrical circuit
  • Make a solar circuit
  • Learn how to increase voltage
  • Learn how to increase current
  • Use solar power to produce energy for a radio, calculator, battery charger or 1.5V cassette player….etc. Use your imagination for more applications.
  • Ages 10 and Up
  • Clear Illustrated Instructions and Educational Manual
  • Includes: Musical Unit, Plastic Lamp, Fan Unit, Motor Accessories, and Plastic Adapters
  • No Batteries Required! (obviously)


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