Xenon Tube Flasher Kit - CK1002. DIY K162                     

Xenon Tube Flasher Kit


Stereo Vu Meter Kit – CK1005

Stero Vu Meter Kit.  This is a very eye appealing audio accessory. Displays an approximate output level for each channel of a stereo amplifier. Connects to the speaker terminal; levels are displayed in ten steps.

Product Description

Xenon Tube Flasher Kit – CK1002

This Xenon Tube Flasher Kit is circuit to trigger a high voltage xenon flashtube using a 6 volt DC input from a power supply. The flashrate is fixed but we explain how you can vary it by changing resistor or capacitor values.  DIY K162


  • Requires 6 Volt DC power supply (Need a Power Supply?)
  • L: 3-7/8″ W: 1-5/8″ H: 3/4″
  • Flash rate 2 time per second (can be changed by changing resistor and capacitor values)
  • Electronic Kit – Soldering required
CK1002 - Xenon Tube Flasher Kit - Manual/Instructions


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